Liberty Collision

Franklin: 1291 E 2nd Street, Franklin, OH 45005

Title:                       Maintenance Technician
Status:                    Exempt
Created/Revised: March 2021


The primary responsibility of the maintenance technician is to ensure the surrounding area is clean and safe. There will also be a responsibility to perform small repairs if equipment needs fixing. Additionally, it is important to keep the space functional for work.


  • Perform any cleaning activities such as mopping, dusting, sweeping, etc. 
  • Responsible for mowing lawns, pruning bushes and trees, edging walkways, and snow removal 
  • Make minor repairs when necessary, such as changing a light bulb  
  • Install appliances and ensure they work  
  • Inspect equipment or materials to identify problems or defects 
  • Communicate with other workers on what needs to be fixed to ensure their safety  
  • Collect and empty trash cans daily  
  • Check functionality of safety systems  
  • Service, clean, and supply any items in restrooms 
  • Operating cleaning equipment  
  • Washes windows and lauders in office space   


  • High School diploma or equivalent  
  • Valid Driver’s License  
  • Clean driving record  
  • Experience using hand and electrical tools is preferred but not required  
  • Experience performing routine maintenance is preferred but not required  
  • Excellent communication skills  
  • Ability to read technical manuals  
  • Ability to pay attention to detail  
  • Comfortable working independently and in a fast-paced environment  
  • Demonstration of safety precautions required in performing the work in this position 
  • Possess a strong attention to detail in addition to the ability to follow written and verbal instructions 
  • Strong arm, hand and finger dexterity with demonstrated physical capacity to reach, handle, finger and feel. 
  • Excellent time management skills and responds quickly to emergency accidents

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